The Time Hotel have been a member of Glory Beach Resort at Port Dickson. There are four consecutive branches which are Time Hotel Seremban, Time Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Dream Hotel Klang and Time Hotel Sunway.

Time Hotel Seremban opened its doors since year 2008, where else Time Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 2011. Its is already been 2 years of commencement for Dream Hotel Since February 2012. Subsequently, the Time Hotel Sunway newly established on 2014. Time Hotel offering very cozy enviroment and modern-elegant interior designed. With its modern design and service standards provided by staff and top management, the hotel is an epitome of both class and luxury.

Besides the Accommodation Facility, Time and Dream Hotel continue its business chain with involve in property investment since 2006 and Agriculture related business since 2013. Property Investment have been carried out in different areas surrounding Malaysia and even in China. Where else, Agriculture is still in early age.

There are many things that can bring you over to those Hotels and being strategically accessible to and from many major destinations makes these hotels yet another favourite hotel destination for a quick weekend getaways. Business or leisure, there are plenty activities to keep visitors to this town occupied; from exploring nature to tasting local foods and shopping. Take time to explore and take in the sights, sounds and taste of this versatile town.

Time Hotels further plans or future aims are to achieve High end hotels in term material occupied with high quality and further renovation according to the upcoming modern.